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ive been moving from place to place, looking for it, emotional anchor

Name: lateefa
Age: 15
Location: bangor maine
Interests/Activities: photography, music
Favorite Bands: TBS, cursive, the spill canvas, a thorn for every heart, the kinison, muse, MCR, modest mouse, velvet caliber, motion city soundtrack.. and so on..
Hate Bands: simple plan [sorry]
Favorite Movies: pulp fiction, haggard, this is spinaltap, american history x
Favorite Books: against all enimies, hannibal
Musical Talents: i can play bass guitar and clarinet, sadly
Favorite Foods: bachliva [spelling?]

PIRATES OR NINJAS BIIIAATCH?!: ninjas all the way.

& lastly.... at least 2 pictures of yourself.

[i know, ugly hat. hahah]

haha DARE.

ok. thats it.
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