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o yes it me!!!!


Location:el paso or u can call it hell paso
Interests/Activities:music, sleeping,cereal,tv,computer
Favorite Bands:mars volta,jupiter sunrise,yellow card,awae the andersons which arent a band no more :( sad, haives, viens, switch foot, hoobastank, the used,taking back sunday...tool, apc, and more.....
Hate Bands:good charlott
Favorite Movies:night mare before christmas,girl interrupted, empire records,50 first dates,dang theres a whole buntch more but i cant think of them right now....srry
Favorite Books:short ones
Musical Talents:acustic guitar( just lerning)
Favorite Foods:pizza, well actully any thing thats in the fridge..but subway is the bomb i could eat it every day

 and this is me i look really crapy but o well


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